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Data Structres and Algorithms - What's Important

So, last post I talked about the technical interview and unquestionably students at elite private schools have yet another leg up on the other folk. Today, let's look at the core subject of those interviews and what I think should be emphasized in class. I want to be clear - I'm only talking about in class here. There are many things that can be done at public institutions like Hunter to help better prepare students for tech careers.

The Technical Interview - we can do better

I'm spending the week down in Atlanta. Never been before but since Batya is spending the semester teaching at Georgia State University, it seemed like a good chance to see her teach and check out a new town. That was the plan anyway. At least until I made the unfortunate decision to come down with Covid again. Symptoms are mild but I'm stuck camping out in our Airbnb while Devorah and Batya can see the sights.