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C'est la Z

Tag: Ed tech

Varying Remote Teaching

When we first went remote I jumped on Zoom. I already new the technology and it most simulated a live class. Basically, it was the best combination if quick, easy, and effective and we were under the gun to get something going and give our students some sense of normalcy and continuity. As we settled in though, it made sense to try some different things. One was the "lab packet.

To Zoom or not to Zoom

Zoom has been on a wild ride. As teachers scrambled to try to deliver instruction from there homes to student homes Zoom quickly became a favorite. It was easy, performed well, and had features that other services seemed to lack. Features like being able to mute students and for me a big one - breakout rooms. Now, these features weren't flawless as I mentioned in my last post but that's okay.