Pull Requests and Other People's Code

One of the things I've heard for years from former students - both those looking for jobs and those looking to hire is that colleges don't really do a good job preparing students for careers in tech. Sure they teach the algorithms and the theory but ther are a lot of missing pieces, particularly on the practical end. I'm certainly not advocating turning CS programs into coding schools but there are many low cost opportunities to bring practical real world best practices in to the CS classroom.

Using Emacs 42 - Git Gutter and Time Machine

One day I'll do a Magit video but since there are already some good ones out there I thought I'd share a couple of other great git related packages. The first is Git Gutter which adds markers on the side gutter of your buffer so you know what's changed since you're last commit. I pretty much use it exclusively for that visual but it can also be used to cmmit and revert individual chunks of your changes.

Collaborative Coding or Cheating

I haven't been teaching this past semester. That's why I haven't been writing much about lessons. I miss working with students but that will resume in the fall and this semester has allowed me to get a jump on new projects. It's also allowed me to look at some student issues from a bit of a distance. One issue that keeps coming up is cheating. Some of it, classroom cheating. my friend Ria recently asked a question on Facebook about it.