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Grading And Ungrading

Classes are done and all that's left is the grading. Grading is something I truly hate. Hating grading actually had a lot to do with my starting to build CS at Stuy (story here). I'm glad it's my last grading rodeo but even as I work through assignments for the final time after 33 years I still have many questions about the best way to do it. Should we give tests or be project based?

Predicting Grades

Just saw this: Evaluation metric idea: take snapshots of students' grades each week (specifically, the grade they actually see in your LMS). How well do these correlate with your final assigned grade? Were students getting good estimates? — Austin Cory Bart (@AustinCorgiBart) May 18, 2019 It made me think of a couple of conversations I had with more senior teachers early in my career. They'd tell me "by and large, you know what the kids are going to get after a few week.

Unit Tests Grading Workflow

I've talked before about unit testing (here, and here). My premise is that in addition to being an important industry technique, it's a sound practice for students studying CS. I also contend that it can make grading easier on the teacher. Maybe not as easy as an auto-grader but those have their own problems. Since I spent most of today grading I thought I'd share my current workflow and how unit tests have made me more efficient.