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Should CSforAll focus on entrepreneurship and jobs?

Is CSforAll a jobs program? This came up again the other day. I'm using a recent review as an excuse to ask more general questions. Is #CSforAll a jobs program or preparing future citizens? Does learning about CS belong just to STEM education? Should we only teach CS to Ss with math background, or can we teach CS to Ss who hate math? — Mark Guzdial (@guzdial) April 5, 2022 With one of the referenced tweets talking about CS salaries.

Whiteboard interviews

A few days ago, I saw a piece on David Heinemeier Hansson's tweet on whiteboard interviews: Hello, my name is David. I would fail to write bubble sort on a whiteboard. I look code up on the internet all the time. I don't do riddles. — DHH (@dhh) February 21, 2017 I'm not a huge fan of the whiteboard interview but I think many of the tweets missed the point.