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Using Emacs 40 - Atomic Chrome

Thanks to everyone who voted for topics or commented with suggestions for videos. I'll try to get to them in the coming months. Today is just a quick hit on Atomic Chrome - an Emacs package and browser extension that allows you to edit web form inputs with Emacs. UPDATE I forgot to mention that you can set a shortcut key, at least in chrome rather than clicking on the icon.

Using Emacs 39 - mu4e

I generally use three email accounts. My personal one, work one, and one for my non-profit. For a couple of years, I've been using mu4e under Emacs for both my work and non-profit email accounts and gmail for my personal account. I've had lots of requests for a video on what I do but I've been hesitant for two reasons: There are parts of my configuration that are copied from others and I really don't understand.

Using Emacs 38 - dired

The 38th installment of Using Emacs is about dired, Emacs' built in mode for navigating and working with directories. I'm not a dired power user and in fact am just now making a real effort to explore it and work it into my daily workflow and with that in mind, I'd love to hear some configuration and use suggestions from people who use it regularly. Here's the configuration I use:

Using Emacs 37 - Treemacs file browser

I've been meaning to get back to making Emacs videos but I've been having trouble figuring out what to record. People have asked for Magit but I only use the basics and I think there are already some great videos on it out there. I'd also like to get more comfortable with DIRED mode and then do a video on it but I'm not there yet. I've also been looking into packages that manage workspaces like Eyebrowse and Persp-mode but neither are really doing it for my workflow.

Using Emacs 36 - A Touch of Elisp

I've been working on a vue.js project this summer. During the school year I really can't dive into code so it's been fun. I've already showed you most of the Emacs tools I use for development. Projectile, Ace-Window, IBuffer, Swiper / Ivy and all. One thing I couldn't easily do was arrange windows the way I wanted. I've been setting up Emacs with one large window and a couple of smaller ones:

Using Emacs 35 - Blogging

Very little new Emacs in today's episode of Using Emacs. The video shows my old blogging workflow and what I'm playing with now. The only new Emacs covered is the prodigy package which lets you run services under Emacs. I use it to run Nikola's development server but I think prodigy will also be useful when I start writing that knitting application I promised my wife. When I started this blog, I used Jekyll.