Professional Development beyond Scratch

Today was Election Day. One of the few days each year when students stay home and teachers spend all day attending what is generously known as professional development. Years ago I was in a room with a few colleagues when my friend Dave - one of the best math teachers I know said "you know, every time we have a PD day in NJ and my wife and I have to scramble to take care of the kids I get a little annoyed but then think I shouldn't get annoyed since they're spending the day doing all sorts of valuable PD.

Awesome Cs Revisited

Saw this tweet the other day so I though I would try to plug the Awesome CS Education list I started on GitHub: #csteachers...didn't I see a list of CS teacher blogs here recently? — Pam Whitlock (@PamWhitlock1) September 21, 2017 To answer the tweet, the closet thing I know to a list is Alfred Thompson's blog roll which is actually a post he wrote on his blog in 2012.