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Tag: pedgogy

Code Review Revisited or research - the teacher version

Last semester I wrote about how I was introducing my students to code review. I thought it worked pretty well and was anxious to try it again. Well, I did the lesson(s) again this past week and it looks like it's a keeper. The setup was pretty much the same with some hiccups due to using a new platform. Last semester I used plain GitHub public repos. This time, I've been using GitHub classroom which I like very much but I forgot that I made this assignment use private repos which turned out to be a hassle.

An experiment with code review

Sometimes professional practices don't work well in the classroom and sometimes they do. One professional practice that does work well is code review - reading and reflecting on other peoples code. I've had my students do code reviews in the past but this time I did things differently. Here's what I did and here's how it went Two weeks ago my students completed a lab. The lab involved reading in a poorly indented C++ program and spit out a properly indented one.