Using Emacs 53 Emailing Org Agenda

I use both org-mode and Google Calendar for scheduling. I like Google Calendar because: It's pretty universal so I can issue and accept calendar invites. It works well with my phone and other mobile devices. The rest of my family doesn't live in Emacs :-(. I prefer using org-mode beacuse: Emacs I prefer, for the most part, to control my data. I partially sync the two platforms.

Using Emacs Episode 52 - Eyebrowse

I was originally going to do a video on how I set things up so that I get an email every morning with my org-mode agenda but that's going to be something of an ordeal. I have to create a droploet on Digital Ocean, set up SyncThing and a mail server and lots of other things. I'll get to that video at some point but in the meantime I saw this thread on the Emacs subreddit.

Using Emacs 51 - Day to day work with org-mode

I can't believe that I haven't made a video since the beginning of summer!!! Part of the reason is that I haven't had any video ideas that have motivated me and the other reason is that the Fall is my busiest season. In any event, here's the latest installment. Take a look at how I use Emacs and more specifically org-mode for my day to day work. Sometimes I use the fancy power tools but to be honest, most of the time, I stick to the basics.